danske 3

DANSKE 3, IMPACT, began with the initial and ongoing question, “How many layers does the psyche have, how many fathoms deep does the memory lie?” and the possibility to ignite and share this through a research platform. IMPACT is about the many underlying layers of human existence, physically, mentally and emotionally. The result of that first meeting is the current process together with a group of two interns and seven dancers questioning the body as a communicative vessel. Is it time uninterrupted ? Only the present comprehended ? We search for the close-up. We search of the observation of others Attempting to. Through the process of time…we are observing the impact of the other…!

Conception and Direction : Tijen Lawton

Creation and dance : Yehbonne Bien, Juan Cruz Cizmar, Marion Delforge, Elsa Ferret, Justine Prignot, Leanne Vincent, Gaspar Rozenwajn

Production : danscentrumjette

Technical production : Pierre-Adrien Chastang


Tijen Lawton is a dance artist and somatic & movement facilitator. Her work shifts between performing, teaching, rehearsal directing, mentoring and researching in artistic and academic contexts. Her teaching methodology is based on combining somatic & technical work, improvisation and on supporting constant creativity through moving. She is committed to mentor young dance artists with different career interests and backgrounds, established artists as choreographic support, advisor and movement director. Dialogue, movement, inclusivity, freedom of expression and the ongoing interest in the evolving, moving human body. These are the thriving forces of Tijen’s work as an artist and facilitator.

She studied at AES London, The Place London, The Juilliard School New York. Her main body of works spans over a period of 30 years. For 15 years, she was a constant presence in all of Needcompany’s work performing, creating and touring worldwide. Also performing & collaborating with Caterina & Carlotta Sagna, Mauro Paccagnella & Wooshing Machine, Erika Zueneli, Inaki Azpillaga & Rodrigo Fuentealba with Manngold, As Palavras / Cie Claudio Bernardo, Rebecca Lenaerts, Greet Vissers & Kunstz, Mokhallad Rasem & het Toneelhuis, Marco Toricce & Melting Pot, Lisaboa Houbrechts