danske 4

DANSKE 4 M-81 TRAILER IS NOW AVAILABLE: https://youtu.be/YNKjEtxmHCg

M-81 is the code name for Ravel's Bolero, a piece about desire and bewitchment, the construction of which takes the form of a ritual. Although this work has had many versions since its creation, one version has never been done: the staging of desire from the point of view of women.

What would this ritual be today? What form would it take, at a time when it is so complex to meet and touch each other? How can a piece written 60 years ago be updated in the bodies of dancers who are 20 years old today? What traces will it leave in their bodies?

One could imagine orchestrating a ritual of enchantment to conjure up our fears, to reactivate our desires to be there together, side by side, in the same space. We could imagine that the virtual images that assail us day after day disappear and that our bodies become sensory and vulnerable again, that is to say powerful.

It is not a question of remaking, it is a question of putting to the test of time, of visions and representations of desire and of trying to infuse multiplicity, complexity and paradox into it and to let the living flourish.

Concept and Direction : Stéphanie Auberville

Creation and dance: Marcos Arriola, Brenda Boote, Lisa Coppi , Eve Vilain-Lepage, Morgan Lespagne, Elisa Furnelle, Rafael Ferriera

Light design: Maria Dermitzaki

Costumes: Lea Keiffer

Production : danscentrumjette, Charleroi-Danse with the support of La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and la COCOF, Vlaamse Gemeenschaps Commissie Brussel, Brussel Coördinatie - Vlaamse Overheid


Stéphanie Auberville, dancer, choreographer and improviser. Her artistic approach is close to documentary work. Through her projects she tries to respond to what surrounds her with dance, she provokes encounters where the body becomes a transmitter, she delves into archives and dissects collective imaginations.Her work shifts between "real/imaginary/fiction" in search of a narrative that places bodies, images and words on stage and in tension.

After Salutations Mistinguettes, Stéphanie Auberville continues her exploration of Maurice Béjart's Bolero with seven young dancers. This updated version, very freely inspired, offers a woman's point of view on this story of seduction and enchantment. M-81 fills a void; plays with gender and desire, with the joy and energy of youth.