DANSKE is a Brussels' platform, established within danscentrumjette and directed by Roxane Huilmand. This platform aims to facilitate and enrich the entry of young dancers into professional life. Together with other workspaces, theatres and partners, it offers the opportunity for young professional dancers and experienced choreographers to meet, research, create and perform.

DANSKE is aimed at Belgian artists who have already completed a training course and have a good physical and theoretical knowledge of dance. Different choreographers will be invited to guide a DANSKE and each will hold an audition and select 8 to 10 dancers. Three months after the audition, the choreographer and dancers will create a dance piece of around 30'. First they will be hosted for six weeks at DCJ, then they move to the Raffinerie / Charleroi Danse to finalise the piece.

In 2021, this bi-communal proposal will be co-produced by two choreographic centers known for their experience in training of dancers: Danscentrumjette and Charleroi Danse. DANSKE is primarily intended for distribution in the network of cultural centers in Belgium.


danske 4° with choreographer Stéphanie Auberville - 2022


Creation 2022 by Stéphanie Auberville for seven dancers (35')

For this edition, the artist Stéphanie Auberville chose to work on an original proposal of Ravel's Bolero based on Béjart's choreographic version. The title M.81, the missing version, refers to the code name given by Ravel, to which Stéphanie Auberville adds her vision of a feminine version that gives pride of place to the fluidity of gender. Seven performers will come to immerse themselves in a piece from the repertoire updated by an artist of today.

How can a piece written 60 years ago be updated in the bodies of dancers who are 20 years old today? What traces will it leave in these bodies?

It is not a question of redoing it identically, but rather of considering the test of time and the representations of desire.

Upcoming dates:

Saturday 22.10.2022 at 6 pm
Centre Cuturel Jacques Franck
Chaussée de Waterloo 94, 1060 Saint-Gilles
More infos on the website: https://lejacquesfranck.be/event/prot%C3%A9iforme-m-81/2022-10-22/
Reservations : https://shop.utick.be/?pos=LEJACQUESFRANCK&module=ACTIVITYSERIEDETAILS&s=1DDBA10A-D17E-721C-3E42-5FBD7BFA1921

Previous dates:

Premiere Wednesday 31.03.2022
During the opening of the festival LEGS 2022
Brussels - La Raffinerie


danske 3° with choreographer Tijen Lawton - 2019

Tijen investigated on the body as an archive, a communicative vessel, by questioning the internal limit of thinking as inspired by the complexity of the body and the life within.

danske 2° with choreographer Rakesh Sukesh - 2018

Rakesh developed a technique called Payatt INtransit, a combination of Kalarippayattu, contemporary techniques, yoga and energy work.

danske 1° with choreographer Meytal Blanaru - 2017

Meytal has developed a very unique way of movement in which she uses the Feldenkrais method as a departure point and inspiration for her choreographies and teachings.